Modern Auto Towing Service


Diligence and pride are what we strive to get from our customers who visit our service station for auto repairs. Over the years, we have mastered the craft of towing and carrying our repairs from classic and timeless vehicles to the new models, which include the electronic, and hybrid types.


Below are reasons as to why you ought to visit our towing facility

  • State of the art technology
  • Hybrid and electric vehicle service
  • Highly trained and experienced personnel

Highly skilled and experienced personnel

The right kind of staff working on your vehicle greatly matters on the quality of work. We hold in high regard the essence of maintaining knowledgeable and experienced staff. We have a knack to hunt for the best auto repair technicians in the country to ensure the best and efficient repairs for your vehicle.

State of the Art Technology

In every industry this century, technology is gaining significant strides. We are front-runners in incorporating state of the art technology to our service bays across the country. This is to ensure that we significantly reduce the time required to service of your vehicle. It provides precise diagnostics of the problem leaving no room for marginal errors.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Service

The dawn of the electric and hybrid-powered vehicles, which kicked off a few years ago, caught many auto repair shops by surprise. The car dealer need not be your only service provider. We have certified and local towing company qualified technicians to service and repair your hybrid vehicle.

Our Hybrid and electric vehicle services that we offer during and after towing include.

  • Oil change and maintenance
  • Brakes, wheel alignment, steering and suspension
  • 12V charging and electrical system maintenance
  • Tires, front wheel drive transaxle and CV joints
  • Cooling systems, heating and air conditioning
  • Drivability and Emissions

We maintain a high level of professionalism knowing that your vehicle is private property that you hold in high regard. Our goal when a vehicle rolls up on the driveway into the service bay for auto repairs is to exceed your expectations the minute you drive away. Our customer care representatives are awaiting your call for an appointment.