Computerized Wheel Alignment


Every car lover understands that when a car is well tuned, the ride is better and few or no chances of breakdowns. On of the thing to check when you go for auto repairs is wheel alignment. Ensure your wheels are aligned every 6,000 miles covered or every six months. We offer a great deal of wheel alignments on a daily basis.


We use computerized wheel alignment services to ensure precision. This means that the thrust angle, caster, camber, and toe angle measurements are accurate. Our certified technicians will then adjust (upon need) the reading to match the manufacturer’s specifications. This will ensure that you get

  • Smooth ride
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Even tire wear

The caster, toe, and camber angles when correctly aligned ensure that your vehicle drives straight on the road. If not, the vehicle tends to pull to the right or the left giving rise to wheel alignment problems and uneven tire wear.

We recommend that a front and rear wheel alignment be done, and it includes the inspection of

  • Front and rear wheel suspension components
  • Tire size
  • Adjustment of tire air pressure

We road test your vehicle before giving it back. It is a quality assurance service aimed at ensuring the alignment is correct and up to par. As you collect your vehicle, we will offer you print out of the recorded measurements of ‘before’ and after reading of the caster, camber, toe and thrust angles of the vehicle. Our customer care representatives are on duty ready to make your appointments and schedule you in for the all-important wheel alignment services.