Commercial Towing Services

Life is full of unexpected turn of events and one is a breakdown of your vehicle as you cruise to your destination. Followed by anxiety and trivialities as to what might be the problem and who can fix it. In this kind of situation we at Funkinton Auto will dispatch a tow truck to your aid and get it to the nearest service station for diagnostics.


We have different towing services

  • Flat bed towing for the luxurious vehicle models
  • Collision towing by use of heavy duty tow trucks
  • Long distance towing to your preferred service station
  • Truck towing

At Funkiton Auto, we are in a position to offer tailor made solutions and our client base has steadily grown to include but not limited to

  • Auto dealerships
  • Insurance companies
  • Law enforcement agencies


Licensed and regulated by the local authorities, we aim to give each and every client fast and efficient towing in Southfield, MI . You can count on us to deliver your vehicle to the desired location without additional damage to your vehicle.

Technology Driven

We ensure that we stay on top of our game regularly to help deliver good service to the customer. By using modern tow trucks, we are able to tow different sizes and models of vehicles. We understand that technology is part of the job and the main reason we equip our personnel with training to ensure better quality service delivery.

Pocket Friendly

We serve different clients with different budgets and different insurance schemes. At Funkinton Auto, we aim to ensure that at whatever budget you’re working with, you get adequate towing services. We also help in assessing your insurance limits and so tow you to get repairs worth your insurance.

Vehicle Disposal and Storage

For disposal of vehicles we will tow your vehicle and offer storage facilities at a period well negotiated and aid in its disposal by buying damaged and undamaged vehicles which we later sell to those in the vehicle salvage business.

We expect to here from you via our 24/7 customer care line and rapid response to your location. We will require a verbal consent to get information from your service provider to get your location for a local towing service.

Roadside Assistance Services

All kinds of mishaps happen on the road and one of the things to tick before embarking on a journey is the number of a road assistance services company. Funkinton Auto offers road assistance services at whatever time of day or season with a rating of 4.5/5 for quality and service delivery.

Here are some of the services we offer when stranded by the roadside

Highly Skilled Personnel

We aim for the best and that is why we provide the best. Our highly skilled professionals will get to you fully equipped to tackle a range of problems that will develop within your car.  The personnel receive regular training, aimed at equipping them with information on new models and technologies. We have made sure that the training in no way affect our operations.

Customer Care

We maintain a high level of professionalism for our personnel, and that is why we welcome comments and complements in order to serve you better. With a customer care line that is open all day every day, we are on call and out to get the job done.


We will require you to inform us of your exact location and in the case, you are not sure, we will use your information from your service provider, after giving a verbal consent, to locate you for the sole purpose of a road dispatch.

Finally, while some damages are so severe to for repairs by the roadside, we will tow your vehicle to the nearest service station for repairs. Service beyond the obvious is our aim and our personnel sent out to service your vehicle is one we can count on to local towing company